FOODBALL Project Overview

The Food Biomarkers AllianceFoodBAll – is a JPI-funded, multicentric project aiming to develop strategies for food biomarker discovery and validation, and to identify biomarkers of intake for a range of foods.

This page is maintained as a collaborative effort of numerous experts in the field of food metabolomics. It will provide support for the food metabolome community through the collection of useful information and tools, concepts, current practices and major updates in the field.
Recent Papers

A selection of recent papers on the food metabolome and identification/validation of dietary biomarkers.
  • Ochratoxin A and its metabolites in urines of German adults-An assessment of variables in biomarker analysis
  • Microbial metabolites are associated with a high adherence to a Mediterranean dietary pattern using a 1H-NMR-based untargeted metabolomics approach
  • Nutrient biomarker patterns and long-term risk of dementia in older adults
  • High Throughput UPLC(R)-MSMS Method for the Analysis of Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) 16:0/18:1, a Specific Biomarker for Alcohol Consumption, in Whole Blood
  • Dietary and health biomarkers-time for an update
  • Whole blood glycerophospholipids in dried blood spots - a reliable marker for the fatty acid status
  • Novel strategies for improving dietary exposure assessment: Multiple-data fusion is a more accurate measure than the traditional single-biomarker approach
  • Demonstration of the utility of biomarkers for dietary intake assessment; proline betaine as an example
  • Metabolomic Fingerprinting in Various Body Fluids of a Diet-Controlled Clinical Smoking Cessation Study Using a Validated GC-TOF-MS Metabolomics Platform
  • Livestock metabolomics and the livestock metabolome: A systematic review
  • Measuring biomarkers in wastewater as a new source of epidemiological information: Current state and future perspectives
  • Improving selection of markers in nutrition research: evaluation of the criteria proposed by the ILSI Europe Marker Validation Initiative
  • Meat and Seafood Consumption in Relation to Plasma Metabolic Profiles in a Chinese Population: A Combined Untargeted and Targeted Metabolomics Study
  • Metabolites of milk intake: a metabolomic approach in UK twins with findings replicated in two European cohorts
  • Hippurate as a metabolomic marker of gut microbiome diversity: Modulation by diet and relationship to metabolic syndrome
  • Liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometric determination of triterpenes in human fluids: Evaluation of markers of dietary intake of olive oil and metabolic disposition of oleanolic acid and maslinic acid in humans
  • A systematic review of food composition tools used for determining dietary polyphenol intake in estimated intake studies
  • Chapter Three - Metabolomics, Nutrition, and Potential Biomarkers of Food Quality, Intake, and Health Status
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